Events at Phoenix:  2013-2014      

Submitted by: Mike Rivet

Opening Day                                                   Friday, Dec. 20

Saturday Night Free Ski                                  Saturday, Jan 25

Compliments of Mountain FM


Boundary Park Shopping Centre



Family Day Weekend                                       Sun, Mon Feb 9 & 10

Free skiing all day Sunday & Monday

Sponsored by Community Futures Boundary


          Roxul Industries                                 



Saturday Night Free Ski                                  Saturday, Feb 22

Compliments of the Grand Forks Gazette


         Grand Forks Credit Union


Phoenix Open Ski & Snowboard Races            Saturday, Feb 15



Saturday Night Free Ski                                  Saturday, March 8

Compliments of the Roxul

Employees Association



Phoenix Mtn Park Jam                                     Saturday, Mar 29


Spring Fling / Downhill Dummy Race              Sunday, Mar 30